Sourcing From China
Becomes So Easy

As one of the best China sourcing companies in China, Inmotion Trading helps you find the best factories, get a competitive price, follow up production, quality inspection and deliver products door to door.


Quickest & Safe

Take the complexity out of customs Freight Solutions
with customs brokerage services


We know China

From development to sourcing, brand building, quality control, logistics and delivery,
we know China and how to make it work for you.


Sourcing for the
Digital Age

Our passionate, talented and experienced team of product managers and supply chain experts can provide support at any or all stages of your sourcing lifecycle. We provide our clients with end-to-end sourcing and production management support including product development, raw material sourcing, quality control, and logistics facilitation.

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Sourcing and purchase

Find a better supplier for the product you are selling and make orders on your behalf.

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your inventory

Receive inbound shipments from different suppliers. Save it securely at no additional cost.

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Ship order
on time

Pick, pack and ship your order out the same day at one reasonable fulfillment cost.

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